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Welcome to Integrative Pediatric Specialists

Using a unique, holistic systems approach, I integrate various evidence-based modalities to achieve optimal outcomes in preventative health and chronic conditions. Understanding and supporting a child's innate healing response maximizes their ability to thrive.  By addressing all aspects of the whole child, I am able to guide them in living their healthiest lives.

The Whole Child

Growth & Spirituality


Physical Activity





Social Connections

What We Do

Using a virtual platform, I collaborate to provide specialty integrative pediatric care.

I do not provide primary care.

All of my services are done via telemedicine and include but are not limited to:

Health and super food  to boost immune s

Personalized Nutrition

Dietary modifications are an important part of our approach to chronic issues and preventative health. I use innovative nutrition science to create customized diet plans to optimize wellness. Nutrients affect all aspects of wellness and have a major impact on cognitive development and performance.


I offer consultations to parents regarding optimizing prenatal health, breastfeeding guidance and parenting choices. There is no perfect book that can give parents the right answers for their unique situation. Through interactive conversations, we partner with parents to create approachable pathways and offer relevant resources and guidance.

Mother and Child


Utilizing a research-based platform to evaluate an individual’s unique DNA blueprint allows us to offer cutting-edge personalized guidance for intervention and prevention. Understanding subtle changes in DNA that are unique gives me precise guidance to optimize nutrition and health.

Integrative Care for Complex Issues

Every child is unique, with their own DNA blueprint and their own environmental impacts on their genome. Lifestyle modification and an integrative approach create change in many childhood illnesses and issues.  I use integrative pediatric experience and training to address many common ailments that are impediments to a child’s wellbeing and prevent them from being their optimal selves.

Mother and Daughter Love


Dr. Peterson has guided me from the frantic and overwhelming  newborn days to the preteen years with absolute intention, research based guidance, and an abundance of knowledge. I most appreciate her desire to find the root cause of the problem and not apply a bandaid of unnecessary medication when it was not needed. She has changed the way I parent from the foods I feed my family to ensuring I have the proper tools for the hard conversations that come with pre-teens. I leave every appointment with a solid plan that is tailored specifically for my child!

Nikki N.

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