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Nutrients ideally come from the foods we eat. We encourage eating organic, locally sourced, unprocessed foods but understand that is not always possible. Our soil is depleted of many nutrients making it difficult to obtain some essential nutrients our bodies need. We recommend supplements if indicated by a child’s individual needs and health status. Laboratory testing may be utilized to diagnose specific deficiencies and guide us in supplement recommendations. We are excited to have Genomic Analysis in our toolkit to serve as a clinical support guide to inform us in offering precise supplements to meet the unique needs of each patient.

I use the dispensary, Fullscript, to make supplement recommendations convenient, accurate and safe. This ensures that the supplements we prescribe have been vetted for Good Manufacturing Practices and have undergone third party lab testing. As part of a comprehensive plan, I may suggest evidence-based supplements that can be purchased and shipped directly to patients with dosing information.


If you'd like access to Wellevate, follow these steps.  Click on the button above and select create an account. Once you have done this, you will be free to browse and shop my personal dispensary.

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