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Genomics is the study of small changes in a person’s DNA. These variations, SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), may create subtle health differences by altering instructions for our cells. Discovering and understanding these gene variations enable us to upgrade our health with environmental strategies, lifestyle modifications, nutrition and supplements.

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I recommend Genomics for anyone with chronic illness, developmental issues or just those wanting to understand best practices for optimal wellness. The genomics report allows us to focus on an individual versus a diagnosis. Rather than a trial and error approach, I formulate a customized plan to optimize heath and reach my patients’ goals.

Online Class

An example of the usefulness of this tool for all children is the panel that shows SNPs that affect the uptake and metabolism of vitamin D. This information can help us understand vitamin D levels and guide appropriate supplementation.  A person’s genomic report can be revisited again and again to guide therapies that promote longevity. It’s an amazing tool for understanding the whole child!

How Do We Do The Test





Order the kit and provide you with a login to your online portal.

When your kit arrives, login to portal and activate your barcode.

Follow instructions in the kit to collect your child's sample.

Mail the kit (postage-free).  We'll email you when the results are available.

We'll schedule an appointment with you to discuss the results and your child's personalized health plan.

We use IntellxxDNA’s research and intelligence platform to provide evidence-based, precision medicine.

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