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TED Talks and Videos

Media and Children

Metabolical: How Processed Food Kills

Children and Lying

What's Wrong With YouTube for Kids

What Teenagers Want You to Know

How small changes in food choice can make BIG everyday differences

Helping Kids Learn How to Swallow Pills


Healthy Living/Environment

Environmental Working Group - Consumer Guide 

Environmental Working Group - Seafood Guide

How to Avoid GMO Foods

GMO Watch

Non-GMO Project

Where to Find A Farmer's Market Near You

Green Living

The Chalkboard

The Daily Green

Mind Body Green

Wellness Mama

Friends of the Earth

Parenting Info

Curious Neuron

Aha! Parenting


Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Nutrition Info

Harvard Nutrition Source

Harvard Kid's Healthy Eating Plate

Plant Based Diets for Infants, Children, and Teens (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

The Center for Science in the Public Interest


Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

USDA Food and Nutrition Resources

Mayo Clinic - Children's Nutrition

Environmental Working Group - Guide to Food Additives

Environmental Working Group - Guide to Pesticides in Produce

FDA Guide to Understanding and Using the Nutrition Facts Label

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doc Away

Article on Inflammation, Immune Modulators, and Chronic Disease

American Institute for Cancer Research - The Difference Between Antioxidants and Phytochemicals

Cornell - The China Project: Studying the Link Between Diet and Disease

Forks Over Knives

Dr. Esselstyn

Lean Green Dad (blog, podcasts, recipes)

Favorite Recipe Blogs

Whole Foods Plant Based:

The Food Pharmacy

Garden Grazer

Nora Cooks Vegan

Fit Green Mind

No Meat Athlete

Forks Over Knives

A Couple Cooks

Cookie and Kate

Pamela Salzman

Eating Bird Food

Brain Health Kitchen

Well Plated By Erin

Love and Lemons

Minimalist Baker

Damn Delicious 

Gimme Some Oven

Rebecca Katz​

Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Vaccine Information

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Vaccine Education Center

Healthy Children (AAP)

CDC Overview, History, and Safety Process of Vaccines

Immunization Action Coalition - Vaccine Information

Immunization Action Coalition - Vaccine Information for Health Professionals

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Foundation

National Institute of Health


The Low FODMAP Diet - Monash University


CDC Travel Info

Food Allergy Information

Food Allergy Research and Education

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